Why I Do What I Do?
Written by Ray Fairman   

It seems so rare to ever find out the impact God has on lives when we allow Him to work through us. Especially when, like I do , we allow him to dispatch us through the "known world". Many folks think that there is only a foreign mission field. I am learning and having reinforced daily that the good old USA has many folks that are in need of just plain Christian Compassion as well.

During my travels I get many opportunities to take the time to have so many discussions with people from all walks of life and to discuss Jesus Christ with them. Our conversations are generally based on their needs and interests and I take whatever time they need or will allow to plant the seed of the love God has for them and the purpose He has for their life. I try to approach from their perspective and use examples and methods they understand and are comfortable with. I do not push because I do not save souls, that is the venue of the Holy Spirit. I am just an instrument in His orchestra. Many people will tell you that I am in the "wood winds" section.

I received this letter nearly 20 months after meeting the individual who wrote it.


You were on your way home from a conference and stopped by Kings Bay Submarine Base on a trip back in July or August 2007 and gave me one of your challenge coins. That was the first time I had been to church in a long time. I have had to make some very difficult and uncomfortable decisions since that time. I was in mental anguish the day you gave it to me, I had seriously been thinking of suicide and the coin told me the right way to do it was not the easy way. I have since made more changes and my life is getting better.  Not only did you save my life from my own hand, when you gave me that coin, but you have saved the many people whose lives I touch on a daily basis. I have carried the coin around as a reminder of the desperation my state of mind was in. I just shared my story tonight with a group of individuals and that was a huge turning point in my life and wished to thank you. I am going to Bahrain in a couple of weeks and will keep carrying the coin around. It is more precious to me than my 12 year sobriety coin that I have. God brought me to AA and AA brought me to God. He sent you to keep the doors of hell open long enough so that I could escape. Thank you.

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