Are You Destined To Lead "Appendex A"
Written by Ray Fairman   
Mission Ready Leadership Essentials from the "Ol' Gunner"

Just a few leadership reminders I picked up along my 42 years 5 months and 12 days (but who's counting...) of Marine Corps service. I hope they serve you as well as they have served to remind me just what my responsibilities really are.

If you want people to have confidence in you and your ability to lead,

then you will have to show them you think they are more important

than you are.


If you want to hold on to your subordinates loyalty,

Then you better learn to let go of your own ego.


Truly great leadership ignores both personal gain and political expediency.


Great leaders rise to great heights,

not on the backs of the subordinates whom they command,

but by being carried on the shoulders

of those subordinates they serve.


As a leader you should always remember

as you climb the ladder of success

that it was your fingers that once occupied

the rung beneath your feet.


The leader who is faithful to the least of his duties

will be trusted with even greater responsibilities,

because it will be evident that he is more interested

in leaving a legacy of other leaders in his wake,

than in a monumental reputation.


I have trained many people in the Marine Corps and in law enforcement

who have reached higher levels of leadership than I have.

That to me is victory.


A leader must understand what it means to follow,

because It is a demonstrated fact,

 that If you can't follow, you can't lead.


At all the military academies

 leadership is always taught just like it is in "boot camp",

beginning with "Effective Followership 101".


West Point and Annapolis have each produced

more real leaders than the Harvard Business School.


Leadership is simply "influence", nothing more and nothing less.


 Discipleship, which is the art of training others to see,

 improve and carry on your vision,

is an art often sacrificed to the gods of personal insecurity.


Leadership suffers because we never allow our subordinates

 to exercise their own potential

because of our own unhealthy fear

of what might happen to us.


Subordinates have a right to expect their leaders

to possess excellent abilities and to be continuously

 increasing their competence.


Technical and tactical proficiency

both belie mediocrity and demand

that a leader understand the meanings

of education, passion and good hard work.


Leaders who expect to earn the respect of their followers

must never do less than the absolute best job

nothing more, nothing less.


Grounding your decisions on a firm foundation

and not vacillating does not mean

never listening to others or being afraid to change your mind.


Great leaders surround themselves with other good leaders

and listen to their wise counsel.


Remember that you are not operating alone;

 even the leader is a part of the team.


Never make your decisions based solely on emotion.

If you do they will almost always come back to haunt you,

as will decisions based on selfish motives.


Leaders who let their situational ethics overpower their proper moral decisions

will live to regret them.


Leadership is always power, but Power is not always leadership.


The more of your leadership you invest in others,

the stronger your leadership becomes.


Your influence increases not by hoarding power,

 but by wisely sharing it with those trusted subordinates

you are training to someday take your place.


As you continue learning about life,

you will gain both knowledge and experience,

which as you mature, will turn to wisdom.


Wisdom will, in due time,

earn for you the right to lead

at whatever level you are worthy to do so.

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