Comments From The Federal Level
Written by Ray Fairman   
The result of my providing a paper on leadership during an IACP Conference I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for distributing your paper about officer motivation at the 2006 IACP Conference in Boston, MA.
I attended the IACP Conference, but did not get an opportunity to go to the Exhibition Hall and one of my guys thought I might be interested in your paper and brought me a copy - he was right. I have had it on my desk and later in a packet of info that I just looked in and was able to take the time to read it from beginning to end. You are 100% on target about our need to focus on servant-hood by being selfless, but always trying to keep the flesh in check to avoid being self-righteous is, as you explain, a difficult task.

It has been a journey for me to not succumb to the ever present temptation. I think I am most motivated by arrogant leaders that I see and encounter,while remaining ever mindful of the fact that I am only moments from becoming one myself if I don't keep myself in check.

I recently read a Christian Fiction book and made some notes to remind myself of the words from the bible that remind us that a servant is not greater than his master - and I also have come to realize that a servant is not greater than his mission. I could go on, but thank you for the encouragement and helping me realize that I am not alone in this important quest.

Please feel free to use my comments. I am a federal law enforcement executive, a criminologist (PhD from Univ. of MD - 1997), and published author (Becoming Ethically Marketable: A Guide for Criminal Justice Majors and Recruits pub. 2005)

Speaking of books, I saw that you wrote one and immediately after I sent the email I ordered it from Amazon. When I'm done reading it, you'll likely hear more from me.

Be encouraged and of good cheer the bible tells us and I see that you are. Isn't it awesome being a servant of the most high God? I could go on forever, be blessed,

Your sister in Christ,
SAIC June Stansbury

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