The Mission Of The Chaplainís SWAT Team.
Written by Ray Fairman   

Ephesians 6:11
Spiritual Weapons And Tactics Team
That's Spiritual Weapons And Tactic's TeamThis site is dedicated to promoting, developing and encouraging the kind of leadership God ordained and intended for use in both the Military and Law Enforcement professions. Those are the primary fields of missionary service upon which I simultaneously dedicated my last 40 + years. I spent those years actually working in those jobs and being impacted by what I observed and participated in directly as a Marine and a LEO, and not, as some of you may be thinking as some kind of a "by-standing Chaplain". Not until I had finished my overlapping careers as a US Marine and a Deputy Sheriff and Police Officer and retired from both, did I see that God was calling me into service as a Police Chaplain with a secondary role of working with all first responders and especially those who respond to natural and man caused disasters. This I found out includes our military responders as well.


I realized when I tried to retire that we Christians have been instructed by Our Lord and Savior to make use of all the life experiences and accumulated knowledge with which He provided us, to make the path to "Salvation" even more visible and readily accessible to others than it was to us. We have also been directed to help others grow as Christians through "Discipleship". Sadly, while many congregations (there is but one church and Jesus Christ is its head) are doing an acceptable job of recruiting for God's Army, all too few instill or even provide their members with the basic spiritual leadership and discipleship training. These "Recruit Christians" are often left trying to mature on their own (an extremely dangerous burden to lay on the shoulders of anyone entering the brotherhood of arms). If this was such a great way to learn then we would let our children raise themselves and our cops, soldiers and the rest of the world train themselves as well. I would hate to think of the results of that course of action. No I don't advocate that doctrine anymore than I favor arming the Cub Scouts and sending them to the southwestern borders.

Therefore, I have now directed my efforts toward developing and helping others, who have dedicated themselves to the brotherhood of arms, strengthen their own understanding and witness by allowing God to direct my sought after knowledge and God provided experiences gained as a Christian working both under His guidance and under Satan's fire in both foreign and domestic combat and garrison duties in both the law enforcement and military operational environments toward fulfilling His plans for me as a Police Chaplain.

I also provide when available computer systems that I recondition to law enforcement families, who have suffered crisis induced tragedies, at no cost. What I have is usually internet ready and includes what kids need for doing their school work. Simply notify me to see if I have any systems available and provide me with the circumstances and a local agency to which I may ship what I have available. You may also ship your old working or non working systems to me at the below listed church address or if you live with in 4 hours of Athens GA let me know where to pick up them up.

To read comments and/or Prayer requests from other law enforcement and military personnel, use the Feedback and Prayer Request Link.

To ask a question or send a prayer request or if you would like to request Chaplain Fairman speak to your group or church, or if you need him to respond in times of extreme crisis he can be contacted through the Winterville GA Police Department or Living Word Baptist Church or you may use the "Contact" tab above.

Chaplain Ray Fairman of (Winterville Police Department) has been involved in responding to, serving alongside and directly supporting the military, law enforcement officers, EMT's and firefighters who have served in such chaotic incidents as Ground Zero (9/11) NY, New Orleans, Gulfport and Biloxi following Hurricane Katrina and the campus shooting at NIU in DeKalb, Illinois.

Chaplain Fairman has also responded to crisis events along with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team and is a staff chaplain for the Christian Law Enforcement Family Mission Team (See:

His ministry does not solicit donations nor accept speaking fees. However, for those who feel a calling to support the work of this law enforcement chaplaincy ministry and its additional outreach to our armed forces, donations may be sent to:

 Living Word Baptist Church
2761 Monroe Highway
Bogart, GA 30622

Directed to the First Responder Chaplain's Fund


Please use the "Sounding Off" link to read some informational, encouraging and I hope inspirational articles.


You can use the contact link to send me comments or to submit articles and testimonies.

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