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Written by Ray Fairman   
Don't get overly concerned, this really won't be found on many of your gunbelts in the near future. No matter how valuable I consider it, it is likely that you will only find this in your spiritual weapons armory.


I was recently contacted by a fellow laborer in the "Streets of The Lord" from down deep in the heart of Texas who had just written a book and wondered if I might recommend the book in my ministry.

The Chaplain in question is one Allison Uribe, an Auxiliary Chaplain with the San Antonio Police Department and the wife of a SAPD Officer.  I explained to her that having been an officer for so many decades, while I was not really cynical, I was a let me read it first type of guy. She readily agreed to send me a copy and I did read it. In fact not only did I read it, I had my wife read it as well. And I plan on recommending it not only to the wives of fellow officers and deputies, but to the wives of some of the military folks with whom I work.

Her book, "Because I'm Suitable", is a well written journal of reflections , scripture, prayers and experiences that can carry any wife, not only a law enforcement wife back to the altar and then forward as she  experiences the trials and triumphs of trying to make a marriage work under fire.  

Her style of writing and format of the chapters allow this book to be used in several venues, from just reading her story and analyzing what she has learned, to using it as a group or individual Bible Study Reference guide.

 Allison uses the right combination of personal experience and God given inspiration to reach both sides of the team God intended for the Institution of Marriage; both men and women can examine their own contributions to and ultimately their own detractions from the biblically designated union of a man and a woman.

I strongly recommend "Because I'm Suitable" by Chaplain Allison Uribe in the same way I recommend "Emotional Survival for Law Enforcement" By Dr. Kevin Gilmartin. These two books should be required reading for anyone considering a law enforcement marriage.

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