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Written by Ray Fairman   
As we bring this leadership tutorial to a close, there are some things that I want you to pay special attention to as an up-and-coming leader. First I want you to always bear in mind that while you can in fact learn from your successes, more often than not they will be more effective in helping you teach others while you will learn much more from your mistakes. When you are successful in an endeavor, it is by and large because you already know what to do and how to do it. On the other hand you will learn mountains from your mistakes, when you accept the responsibility for making them that is. Second never forget that that same maxim also holds true for those subordinates you lead. If you want to foster leadership in those around you then develop a nurturing style of leadership and do the world a favor, leave your road of life littered with germinating neophyte leaders, not their corpses.

The Marine Corps taught me a great deal about leadership, integrity, loyalty and honor and gave me the opportunity, desire, ability and moral courage to live my life with Character, Compassion and Conviction. As you continue to mature as a leader and continue experiencing life, you will acquire both a great deal of knowledge and an experiential understanding of life that as you continue to develop will mature into wisdom. That wisdom will, in due time, earn you the right to lead at whatever echelon you deserve.


No matter where you intend to exercise your newly tuned leadership skills, in your family, the business world, and the military or even in God's Army, I leave you with my life's standards and blessing:


"Firmus in Christo" and "Semper Fidelis"

"Steadfast in Christ" and "Always Faithful"


Until we meet again, I will continue serving My God, My Family, My Country and

My Corps.


Chief Warrant Officer 4

"Gunner" Ray R. Fairman, USMC (Ret.)




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