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“When you came into the world, you cried and the world rejoiced. If you live your life for Christ as a moral and ethical leader, when you finally die, the world, will cry and you will rejoice.”

Adapted from a Middle Eastern Toast

What God Requires of Leaders

God requires every leader in the Bible to be a servant, although He does not call every servant to the heights of leadership. When a person accepts this mantle of leadership they will find that they become the reason or an excuse for the way people respond or behave in reaction to the example they set. Officer, are you willing to scale that pyramid of leadership? I hope so.

A Godly leader must adhere to biblical principles and work within an ordered system of government while maintaining an allegiance to the authority of God.

While a King, you see, can be a maverick, a leader cannot. He must be a good communicator, a role model, and a servant while remaining under the conviction and authority of The Holy Spirit. That’s all there is to being as credible a leader as Samuel.

How many of you are determined to carry Christian Leadership into your chosen profession, law enforcement? If you are, then read on my friend, read on.

Now how many of you are willing to respond to that call with a heartfelt desire to provide not only direction and service, but also true compassion & discipleship to those you serve and serve with?
Do you feel that you are already fully qualified to accomplish those tasks right now?

Just like the ministry, law enforcement is a calling. Many good men and women are just not cut out for the hardships and strain it can and will put on your life and family. Nor are they ready to willingly serve every single person they encounter along the way. Yet I must and will direct you here to the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. A code which I was required to memorize and recite along with my oath of office as a LEO when I was first sworn in during the late 60’s in California, and which, still today starts with the phrase “As a law enforcement officer, my fundamental duty is to serve mankind…”

I must also inform you God has directed that every one of you that responds to that call do so with the goal of service as your focal point. (Ro: 13:4) I want to point out that Christ himself, though God, thought it not beneath him to empty himself and take on the person of mortal man in order to accomplish that which provides for our salvation. Can we do any less?

What is our professions motto?
Serve and Protect or
Arrest and Convict
After more than 35 years behind a badge and 41+ years as a Christian I often feel unqualified to be a leader. However, I came to realize long ago, that I couldn’t wait till I felt fully qualified to accept that leadership commission from God and neither can you! You see if you wait until you feel completely competent you will most likely feel you can handle the task without Gods help and that generally turns out disastrously.

Since your leadership determines your level of effectiveness, isn’t it time to raise the lid on that level and for you to develop and exercise a kind of transformational leadership that is biblically based? A leadership style that is based on your character, conviction, compassion and a Christ likeness.

The need is great and while the hour may be late; there is still time for leaders to influence and transform the world. This, my law enforcement brother, is the best legacy you can bequeath to future generations.

I feel it is time we stop acquiescing to an age of tolerance, where protecting feelings and being “politically” correct is more highly valued than proclaiming the truth.

The Christian Law Enforcement Fellowship (CLEF) was founded simply as a means to encourage Law Enforcement Officers to recognize and act on the biblical advice Paul chronicled when he admonished Christians to forsake not the gathering of the fellowship.

“Promise Keepers” is a way for Christian men to meet with other Christian men and as the Bible states to let “Iron Sharpen Iron”

Law enforcement officers (LEO) consistently live with many trials, temptations, hurts, frustrations and pressures that the average individual can only experience vicariously through the media. CLEF was started in 1991 simply as a Spiritual Accountability Group (SAG) made up of several Sarasota County (FL) Deputy Sheriffs. The purpose was to have a group of fellow Christian “Brothers of the Badge” with whom we could be truthful about our daily Christian walk. We could admit our needs and weaknesses and help each other through prayer and biblical exhortation to renew our strength in The Lord as we daily faced and battled the evil minions of Satan.

Walking that thin Blue Line is never an easy task. But it can become much easier when you walk it with fellow Christians. CLEF has become an unofficial fraternity of more than 2500 Christians working in Law Enforcement at all levels. When a member meets another LEO who is living openly for Christ while doing their duty to the best of their ability, that officer becomes a member automatically. Some members carry the lapel pins designed around that old Gospel hymn “The Cross to the Glorified crown.” They may hand them out to the Christian officers they encounter. The pins are never to be traded or sold by members but are given out as a symbol of the bond they share in Christ.

Remember the measure of a good leader and be found not in what he accomplishes, but in what he accomplishes through others. “

Ray R. Fairman, PhD
Winterville (GA)Police Department

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