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Chapter VI Moses (“The Leaders Choice, Privilege or Sacrifice”.) Print E-mail
Written by Ray Fairman   

In Exodus 3:1-4:13 Moses will teach us that a leader has to give up, in order to grow up and go up.  There seems to be a lot of ups in that sentence, but that is because that is the way most people who desire to climb the ladder of success eventually come to realize they have to go. They also become conscious of the fact that the climb is expectedly difficult and fraught with pitfalls. Even in the beginning it is a foreign and understandably false concept to them that the power and perceived freedom they will achieve as a leader can come without forfeiting anything. Leaders journeying toward the top frequently encounter obstacles to that faux philosophy. Sometimes they may have to take pay cuts, give up certain rights, or even decline good assignments in favor of doing what is best for the organization. Talk to any successful leader and I guarantee you that he or she will tell you that they made many sacrifices along the way. Leaders will sacrifice much for the betterment of all or Mr. Spock puts it, "The needs of the many (truly) out weigh the needs of the few." Since leadership is an on-going process, so will be the need to sacrifice. Circumstances may change but principles don't, so let's get back to Moses again.

This time we are appropriately calling this principle of his, the "Principle of Sacrifice". All honest leaders will agree on one thing, that leadership means sacrifice. If you want to be a real leader you must ask yourselves two critical questions, especially if you claim to be Christians, and those are, what price are you willing to pay to become an effective leader and to whom are you willing to make that payment? Will it be to God or the world? Let's take a good look at Moses' life, as he is a fair example of one who sacrificed often for the work of God.

Moses gave up the power and prestige of the world he lived in and he truly had a lot to give up in the eyes of the world at that time. As the adopted son of Pharaoh, Moses sacrificed the exact things that many people today tend to esteem at the highest levels and in actuality some folks even seem to worship. Yes, you could say that Moses sacrificed the whole world for the leadership position God had destined for him, lets see if we can find out why.

Moses, after giving up the hurriedness of the world got time to be alone with God. If he had he stayed in Egypt do you think he would have ever heard God's "still small voice" calling through the opulence of Pharaoh's courts? Maybe, but I'll wager God might have had to yell a great deal louder. During his 40 years of exile in Midian, his heart had the time it needed to quiet itself and allow him to reflect on God's continuing call to leadership. When he finally encountered the burning bush, he found that he was finally ready to listen to the voice of God. Is your heart quiet enough to hear God's call to leadership in your life? Just what is He asking you to do? Are you willing to do it?

Like Moses you need to be honest with God. Moses knew he had his weaknesses and was willing to expose them to God because he had at last sacrificed the arrogance and cockiness of his previous powerful position. You may not find all sacrifices you must make are actually this costly. This, though, was a very humbling sacrifice for one of Egypt's most proud "young guns", yet it was a necessary one, for only as an older, wiser and humbler man was Moses to be of such great use to God. Are you humble enough to lead anyone? Can you stop screaming I'm number one, for just long enough to take a lesson from Avis? Just what lesson am I inferring? I'll tell you, "try a little harder for others and let God worry about what you really need." He's pretty darn good at it.

As his life progressed Moses developed a hunger to serve God, have you? If you truly have a desire to serve God in your profession then there will eventually be a battle between that hunger to serve and your own self-reliance. While it is true that you must have confidence to lead, replacing it with self-reliance leaves God out of the equation. It took 40 years for Moses to focus on God and sacrifice his self-sufficiency, how long will it take you? For a Christian this is a given, self-sufficiency is an obstacle to humility and Christian leadership.

Just like Marines are broken and rebuilt at Parris Island and San Diego, Moses was broken and rebuilt by God (He is an excellent Spiritual DI) and that isn't such a bad thing, as you will see. Besides, who knows you better than your Creator? When Moses was finally broken and no longer hindered by pride or self-reliance, he was able to build a very strong relationship with God and in so doing became a God-reliant individual. Are you relying on God in all things that you do, or are there still times that you hope God is really too busy to hear or see what you are doing or saying? By the way, you do realize that it is often your fears that God wants to break through don't you, Fears about yourself. Remember it is God who empowers and uses the weak to confound the proud. It is usually those whom God would truly use, who are the most fearful. Moses doubted his own value. Have you ever questioned your own purpose of value? God wants to break those fears and set you free to use the gifts He gave you. He will assure you of the purpose of your life if you will only allow Him the opportunity.

If you have some fears concerning God, try reading Galatians 5:22-24and tell me that those qualities are something to fear. Yes, my God is a God of war, but he is also a God of compassion, never fear that He can't keep the two personalities in perspective.

You may be harboring fears concerning just how others will respond to your attempts to become a leader, well if I remember correctly Moses got caught up in the worry of how people might react to him. I seem to recall hearing somewhere that if God is for you, who can stand against you? Does that sound familiar to you too? Give God a chance to demonstrate what his power and commitment can do through you, and remember it is not you doing the work, or at least it shouldn't be, it should be God working through you.

If it is fears concerning your ability that are troubling you, then look at these fears directly through the eyes of Moses who had tremendous fears about being able to do God's work. I am sure that you will see that your fears, like those of Moses, are based on an assortment of earthly reasons and may reoccur at diverse times throughout your remaining life. But, every time Moses posed one of these fears to God, and I am sure he did on a regular basis, God I'm sure merely smiled and raised up the appropriate leader to compliment Moses insecurities, Leaders like Aaron or Jethro or Joshua. What evidence can you provide that indicates God can't supplement your abilities however and whenever He sees it is necessary.

With your willfulness broken, fears overcome and purpose reaffirmed you are ready to place your life and leadership in the hands of God. Hold lightly to the things He gives you, as there may be a requirement to someday trade them off in order to move up to a higher calling. If you truly desire to lead, you must be willing at any time to answer the call to sacrifice. Never forget though that you can never out sacrifice Christ.

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