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Written by Ray Fairman   

In whom do you trust?
Do We Really? Then Act like it.
"Surviving in a world gone bonkers."

"Leadership is a responsibility that every law enforcement officer must understand and accept. It is essential if our society expects to provide nourishment to liberty and freedom. Leadership requires that Integrity, Courage, Determination, Loyalty, Knowledge and Experience be combined in a person in order to transform them into a real leader. If properly guided, their leadership then becomes the seed of national honor; and that my friend and brother..., that is something we desperately need more of in our churches and in our nation today."

                                                                                                          Officer Ray Fairman APD... "1973"

Hoisted by my own petard!  I really don't want to write this again, and I don't even know how to title it this time. I'm getting to old to try and dodge the bullets like I once did and I think that after doing God's work as my primary mission the last 10 years I have stopped using camouflage to keep off the skyline. Besides how many times have I told others that when you join God's Army the primary purpose is to do battle for him. I just wish it didn't have to be with well meaning but self-righteous "brothers". God told His disciples, and I wish there were more of them around today, that those who were not against Him were for Him.

So, here I go into a probably useless and definitely unnecessary battle again. I get calls every now and then from someone that wants to tell me that what ever term I am using to refer to our "members" as has subsequently, and usually long after we began our existence,  been purchased by them and we can't use the term anymore without paying them a fee. If there is a First Baptist Church in your town and in their town I think these folks would like their attorney to contact your attorney and discuss the renaming of one of them.

Sorry folks, but when someone calls me and tells me to stop using the term Christian because they hold the copyright on that term it will only mean to me that the Anti-Christ now has a lawyer. Our ever expanding number of brothers and sisters who have been encouraged by God's movement among our ranks, has been around only a split-second of eternity but that split-second started about the summer of 1987. Our "fellowship" continues to grow without ever meeting formally. We don't have conventions or sell things. We don't solicit donations and except for the spiritual accountability or Bible study we might start to do in our own local small groups (Some with names and affiliations and some with out) all we try to do is share our God given gifts and experiences and hold each other Biblically accountable in our daily activities and that's it. The work I and other Chaplains do for Our Lord and Savior is judged by Him and not by mortals, and He and only He keeps track of His loyal membership.

Therefore, I would like reiterate that this ministry is not a formal congregational operation. We are a loose knit body of Christians linked solely by our foreign and domestic uniformed service against evil as well as by our faith in the body and blood of  Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We believe in expressing our Honor, our Valor and Faith in Our God, Our Country and Our Respective agency or branch of service. Therefore I want to rededicate this site to the development of such qualities as are deemed beneficial to the growth of honest and responsible leadership.

For more history keep reading. 

Long May It Wave
Freedom is expensive.
I know after serving over 43 years in the uniforms of the US Marine Corps, US Army, US Air Force and wearing the badge of a Police Officer or Deputy Sheriff for more than 35 years before donning the badge of a Chaplain 5 years ago, that there is a desperate need for Honor, Responsibility, Integrity and many other Biblically defined qualities not merely to be taught, but to be exemplified in our country, our profession and our lives.

Along with my own submissions I am willing to entertain questions, articles, messages, thoughts and studies regarding the development of moral and ethical leadership in the church, any of the professions of arms and in our selves and our families. I want to remind any readers that there is no denominational, club like or membership dues, donations requirements, fees or financial or other affiliations with this ministry. All the support comes from a couple of Cops I am friends with and my retirement check. (I am not dependant on donations to survive, God provides as He sees needs arise) The term "CLEF" is and has often been affiliated with the ministry of many of the officers and military people who have crossed paths since the beginning of our efforts twenty (20) years ago, but realize it is merely a descriptive term that tells a person what we are. I want to tell the new readers and remind you old hands of how and why we got started and rededicate this work to the God we all serve.

The idea of our CLEF has always been to focus on the increasing need for fellowship and spiritual accountability to be espoused and experienced by Christian Law Enforcement and Christian Military Professionals as they progress through the minefields of their careers.

It is not now; it has never been and never will be a formal association based on membership, dues and the rules of man. It is not staffed by mortal officers and directors. Every member's dues were paid more than 2000 years ago by the President Himself (Jesus Christ) and the original board of directors (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul, Timothy and James) has not changed since it was formed because no better candidates could ever be found.

"CLEF" is bandied about on the Internet and wherever folks want to take it, sometimes it is bounced about like a tennis ball and often for the purpose of membership accountability and monitoring as well as fundraising. Folks no one I know is involved with any movement like that not in this Christian Law Enforcement Fellowship (CLEF). Any references we make to the term "CLEF" is strictly in a Biblical or descriptive venue. Those of us who consider ourselves to be Christians and are involved in Law Enforcement will always be very correct in referring to ourselves as members of a Christian Law Enforcement Fellowship. And that is where any similarity to those other purveyors (Pardon me... Owners and verbal landlords) of the title ends.

As the career of a law enforcement officer develops, many potentially dangerous worldly forces (Power, Pride, Fame and Self-righteousness) often begin to exert their pressure on the officer's character and the perception of his or her responsibilities and authority. The need for a Christian to keep their moral compass boxed and true is crucial in order to maintain the ethical standards of their chosen profession and for those professionals who are openly and unashamedly claiming to be Christian (I wish there were more of these folks in both the military and law enforcement) it is even more critical because they represent two distinct and high profile roles.

Just as the actions of each Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine or Law Enforcement Officer are used collectively to measure the actions of all such personnel of like professional standing, the actions of each Professing Christian will always also be use as the measuring tool for all Christians.

As a general rule, both Christians and Peace Officers know what is moral (right or wrong) and are committed to serving that which is right by those standards. However, after serving in both professions for more than three decades in each, I am forced to admit that I have encountered many of those who will compromise their understanding of what is right or wrong in order to achieve that which is popular, profitable or professionally or politically expedient. There is a constant pressure on Christian peace officers to negotiate their principles or misuse their power, a pressure which comes from both within and without their peer element that is often brought into the picture.

 The Word Of God is Sharper than This...

The Bible points out that in order to remain sharp and strong "Iron" must sharpen "Iron". In the world of law enforcement where our badges at one time were often referred to as "Tin", I feel that "Tin" must also be used to sharpen "Tin". That is why I along with several other deputy sheriff's and police officers started a "Promise Keepers" style Spiritual Accountability Group back in about 1987. We were all working on Florida's Gulf Coast. We started meeting for breakfast once a week to discuss spiritual battles we were experiencing that seemed like they were somewhat enhanced by our professional duties and self calculated isolation from the fellowship of other Christians who were not involved in our line of work. Few of us belonged to the same denominations or attended the same church fellowships and Bible studies. So to whom, we asked ourselves, do we turn in times of spiritual difficulty and need? With whom can we share our problems? We were always being called on to help others, but, to whom could we turn for help? As those who chose to stand in the "international gap" or "the domestic gap" that separates good from evil, we were and still are expected to make order out of chaos. Therefore, how could we admit that we might ever need to turn somewhere to renew our own strength? By the way where does your help come from? My source is found in Psalms 121 which says:

    I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; from where shall my help come?
    My help comes from the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.
    He will not allow your foot to slip; He who keeps you will not slumber.
    Behold, He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.
    The LORD is your keeper; The LORD is your shade on your right hand.
    The sun will not smite you by day, nor the moon by night.
    The LORD will protect you from all evil; He will keep your soul.
    The LORD will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever.

My God, the Bible says, provides it through the fellowship and support of other Christian officers who are experiencing the same pressures, failings and expectations that I experience.

The descriptive name we chose, to refer to our group as back in "87", was "Christian Law Enforcement Fellowship" and that is where and how our movement began. We decided to foster the concept of Bible study and Personal Spiritual Accountability among other Law Enforcement Officers of all types (Military, Municipal, County, State and Federal) and agreed to use the idea of passing along to others the idea so they could initiate their own local groups in their own communities just as the early church movement had planted small home churches that eventually became community-wide efforts. Since our humble beginning, more than 2500 professing Christian law enforcement officers of all types have been encountered by the original four deputies, many of these encounters have resulted in those contacts starting small unaffiliated (except through Christ) groups on their own agencies or in their communities and all branches and MOS' of the Armed forces were targeted and encouraged to do likewise. These groups may be called by various names or linked to other larger bodies such as the Fellowship of Christian Police Officers, Peace Officers for Christ, Cops for Christ or Christian Law Enforcement Fellowships, Peacekeepers' Groups or The Christian Peace Officer's Association Whatever they may call themselves, we all share a common bond in their dedication to their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They take their ordination from Romans 13:4 to heart and desire to exemplify the best of their profession and their Christianity.
If you would like to begin a study or accountability group in your community you may contact Chaplain Fairman by clicking on the contact tab at the top of thew page and I will try and help you by recommending some good things to consider as you start.

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