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Written by Ray Fairman   

God Bless America
Commitments Are Forever
have been doing quite a bit of traveling lately and I will be doing between 1500 and 2000 miles of local traveling in the next six weeks as I fulfill my annual duties as the local Marine Corps League Detachment Toys For Tots Chairman. While I travel I have a lot of time to think about life as I know it and I often wonder what life is like for those individuals who are traveling on a dead end road. My life is a journey and not a destination so my road of life never ends and, as I often told my kids when they were growing up, there seem to be no rest areas along it either. Now in case you think I am some how different from you, think again. Your road never ends either. Our Creator has endowed each of us with eternal life. Our task while we are here on earth is to locate the salvation road that leads to the top of the mountain (Heaven). You see a lot of roads go down the mountain but only one of those roads leads to the top. Jesus Christ said that He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no man commeth to the Father but by Him. It is beneficial every now and then to glance down at your GPS (Gods Positioning System) and check out your 10-20. Read on to see if you are using the right maps to guarantee to get where you want to end up. You see it is easy to end up where no one in their right mind wants to end up, just get off the spiritual road and follow the world down the pathways of pleasure.


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Becoming a Player

During some of my recent training I was confronted by various opportunities to make some decisions that I felt were or could be pivotal to a persons life. One decision was encountered in an article that recommended that LEO's should consider taking a run down any old spiritual road just to have something to hang on to when life gets tough. Well there is no denying that life for a cop is tough. We all try so hard to keep it together and never really admit to having a problem often until it is too late. We think we can't have a problem because the world needs and is depending on us (and us alone it seems). By the time we finally admit that we do have a problem, we frequently have destroyed our marriage, our family, our career, our self-respect and dignity and maybe even "put salt on the end of a Glock". I don't care how "macho" you think you are, there will come a time in your life when you will need to reach out to someone for something. When that happens, you want to be sure that what you grab a hold of is something solid, solid enough to support the crisis you are experiencing.

I am an advocate of recon-ing that spiritual road before I embark along it. As I make that recon, I am going to be very alert to any IED's placed along many of those routes. There is only one of those spiritual routes I know that is IED free and leads to salvation. The AAA guidebook for that route is The Bible and it will never fail you. It is the only book that will get you there. but you will have to open it, read it and use it wisely. Make a decision right now to get some advanced training in it's use.

Our lives are really decision trees. Every time we face a choice, we must make a decision as to which direction we will go. The great thing about God is that if we make a wrong turn he provides us with another decision point where we have the opportunity to make a subsequent good or bad decision. This continuous series of decision points always allows us the opportunity to choose a route that leads us back to God's "Yellow Brick Road".

It appears to me that decisions are an important part of life, especially since God told us that we were to "be in the world, but not of the world." You see one of our duties as Christians is to lead that world to Christ by letting them see His glory in our lives. That is kind of hard to do if His glory is not to be found in our lives. It is also difficult to deny the existence of the world, wish it would change or ignore it, the world will not go away. I guess that is really a good thing since our great commission from God Himself is to "go ye into all the world and preach the gospel, making disciples and baptizing them in the name of The Father, Son and Holy Ghost." Folks the world lives right outside our doors so it shouldn't be hard to find. Christ sent us into that world and not into a cloistered kingdom to herald His presence and reap the fields that are ripe for harvesting. I don't want to mislead you, this won't be easy, those fields are battlegrounds and are mined and covered by flanking fields of fire. The devil takes everything God says very seriously, something we would be better advised to do.

Some Christians (So they say) seem to have forgotten, like many Americans have forgotten, that there is a war going on. Our Christian war is a spiritual warfare between good and evil while Americas current war revolves around our defense against terrorism and the Persian Gulf. These Christians seem to think that using "California or Cultural Christianity" is all that is necessary. Those terms have come to be defined as being a Christian by virtue of mom and or dad being a Christian and taking you to church when you were a kid. In addition, these folks think that its good for their reputation or business to be seen in a church building on Sunday. They might invite a few friends to church, give some money to charity and maybe support a mission trip to Mexico. I am not knocking these efforts, God uses anything we allow Him to have for the betterment of His kingdom. However, I feel the way God intended for us to impact the world is for us to interface with the individual lives of its citizens and allow Him to use us in their circumstances as catalysts that will exemplify His Concern, His compassion and His grace. My brothers and sisters in both the law enforcement and military communities, you are living that scenario every day, every shift and every minute of the day. Make the most of it.

To do this takes real commitment and not just a decision. Do you know what a commitment really is? Let me ask you a couple of questions. Was your Salvation experience based on a decision you made or on a commitment that God Made? Are you committed to Christ or your job? Was Christ committed to you?

Let me give you one of those examples that always helps make things a bit clearer before you answer those questions. Think about commitment this way. It takes a pig and a chicken to create a ham and egg breakfast, right? Well since the chicken doesn't have to die, to create the meal, there merely needs to be a decision to participate in the creation of the breakfast. The pig on the other hand needs to make a real commitment to participate because he will need to sacrifice his life in order to make the meal a reality.

When you make a commitment to do something, it usually results in a covenant, which is a promise that cannot be broken, often under the penalty of death. When we give our word many of us think that it need not always be honored. God on the other hand makes Covenants with us and does not merely say I think I'll try and keep my promises if I can, depending on the circumstances, if you deserve it.

No my friends Decisions, Commitments and Covenants are all apart of life isn't it time you started making them yourself.

Begin right now by committing your life to Christ and allowing Him to make a covenant to never leave you "from here to eternity."

God Bless
Chaplain Fairman

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