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Written by Ray Fairman   

We, in law enforcement and the armed forces, have chosen a profession of arms as a means of serving mankind. Some folks seem to think that creates a conflict of interest for a Christian. Well I guess I am not one of those folks. Neither do I think that being a Christian is merely a certification to be obtained or earned like FTO, SRO, Traffic Accident Investigation, Marine Patrol, Investigator, EOD, CSI or SWAT. It takes more than getting some “tickets punched” and passing a test to claim the title of Christian and to wear it honorably among warriors.

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Do You Really Trust Him?

“Courage can only flourish in the presence of opposition and adversity”, and in the professions we have chosen both opposition and adversity abound. Therefore, the opportunities to display the courage of our Christian convictions are equally abundant.

The war pitting good against evil began long, long ago and far, far away. Some times we forget that the incident in the Garden of Eden was not the initial battle in that war. Satan led the revolt in Heaven itself and as a result was cast out and forced to retreat to this world to rally his troops, recruit new followers and continue his futile assault. There have been and will be many battles before the war is over and anyone who professes to be a Christian will indeed have their mettle tested, by friend and foe alike

The Books of James and I Peter certainly confirm that during our lives here on earth we Christians will endure many trials and tribulations, which will refine our faith just as fire refines gold. We are assured that no trial is random, since God has plans for each of our lives. Plans we are assured that will benefit us and are not laid for our destruction. It is Lucifer that prowls the land like a roaring lion seeking to steal, kill and destroy. Therefore , man is born to trouble Job reminds us.

When you lay claim to the title Christian and at the same time take an oath of office and don a military or law enforcement uniform, you make yourself a prime target for the enemy. If you slip up in the smallest way either as a Christian or a representative of your agency or service, your infraction will be magnified tenfold. Sometimes this may seem unfair, but ask yourself the question, “How fair were things for Christ?”

Both the job you chose and the decision you made to follow Christ placed you under a microscope as far as the world is concerned, and the commander of the forces of evil has targeted your downfall as a high priority mission. Every time you slip it makes the headlines because of your avowed commitments.

Both of the “Certifications” you claim require you to adhere to the highest standards of conduct, honor, integrity, morality and ethical behavior. When you don’t, you open yourself up to criticism and “Monday morning quarterbacking”. Even though those types of quarterbacks rarely get sacked, you can bet you will take the hit for even your slightest transgression. Every action you take has its consequences, good or bad and that is fair. The seriousness of the consequence should in all justice be equal to the level of the transgression committed. The magnification of minor offenses and the metering out of inappropriate consequences is what the devil hopes will break your spirit. Will you let it frustrate you? Will you let him take you out of the war? Remember, you are not just a first responder; you are the back-up for every other Christian officer who has answered the call to arms. If you are responding to battle with the devil, just how important do you consider your back-up officer to be? So, before you drop out and quit, remember that God saw fit to leave “retire” and “quit” out of the Bible. Every other Christian is counting on you to be a functional part of the team, so as they say in the Army, “Suck it up and drive on”, when the going gets tough.

One of the most common contradictions people will throw at a Christian who has chosen to follow the brotherhood of arms is that God is a God of love and peace, so how can you serve in a profession dedicated to violence? Well, as far as I can see, neither the military nor law enforcement is dedicated to violence. On the contrary, both are dedicated to peace; in fact law officers are often referred to as peace officers, aren’t they?

In 1758 one of the first chaplains in our country, a well known 18th century preacher named Samuel Davis, gave a sermon based on Jeremiah 48:10 “Cursed be he that doeth the work of Jehovah negligently; and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.” (ASV) In his sermon he pointed out the obvious, that God is a lover of peace and harmony, even as the angels proclaimed in their message at the birth of Jesus, Our Lord and Savior, Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of good will. God has laid out the principles for developing this pacifistic nature in detail throughout the New Testament. But, when forces of evil rise up and threaten this peace with wars, unrestrained ambition, lust, greed, personal libertarian rights and so many other of our present day self-gratifying vices, eventually even the blessed peacemakers must rise to the occasion and stand in the gap to defend and maintain the peace that God has ordained. This principle was repetitiously described in the Old Testament and just as often adulterated with the expected disastrous results.

Thus under the right circumstances the sword, when consecrated to God, must be taken to war. The art of war becomes a part of our faith, as it was a part of the faith of our fathers. When this is done it must always be under the banner of Christ and not our own, lest our emotions get us in trouble. “Cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.” It can’t be stated any clearer, blessed is the brave soldier, sailor, Marine or peace officer who rises to faithfully defend the citizens of their country or community against the forces of evil, even unto death.

This job you have chosen to pursue is no easy job. The strain on you and your family will at times seem unbearable and without Christ in your life it may become so, as I have seen so many times. Never forget that you are never far from your Savior and when the gap grows it is because you have wandered and not He. Christ is not where you find Him, He is where you take Him. So I don’t want to hear any well God knows I love him and that’s all that counts. There will be many “Cultural Christians” who will be left waiting at the gate when the final trumpet sounds recall for the last time. If you are reluctant to sound off for Him, How can you expect Christ to sound off to the Father for you when the final roll is called up yonder.

“Cursed be he that doeth the work of the Lord deceitfully”, Davis believed strongly that some, who take up arms, do so for their own benefit and considers this serving the Lord deceitfully. When engaging the enemy you fight for yourself and your comrades, not for spoils of war. You earn respect, loyalty and an honorable reputation, not material wealth. There is something that you can never earn though and that is salvation. No matter how much you do, you will always fall short in trying to earn a place in heaven. Salvation is a gift and a gift can never be earned. So as you consider whether you have the courage to live and fight evil as a Christian, consider this, God has never used a perfect person, except Christ, to do his work here on earth, so you don’t need to be perfect. In your weakness hides His strength.

Band together with other Christians and reinforce each other. Study the Bible to become more technically and tactically proficient in spiritual matters, just as you study the tactical principles of you profession of arms. There is strength in numbers and the devil knows that. So you'll keep him on the defense when you face shoulder to shoulder with other Christian Warriors

Now I would like to leave you with this Prayer

Our Heavenly Father, Our God and Our Deliverer, you epitomize the character we must all strive to attain. Though it may not be in reach in this world let our efforts never diminish as we seek to become men and women of compassion, justice and mercy. I now offer this simple prayer for all of our men and women in uniform and their families. Lord, the men and women of Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS, Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines need your protection, please hold them in your loving hands here at home and on foreign shores. Protect their loved ones, Father, as they protect us both day and night. When their strength wains, refresh them and renew that strength so that they may once again engage the forces of evil wherever they may encounter them. Sustain them through their trials and if they receive wounds in these battles, Holy Father, comfort them and heal them. Let them know that they are loved and respected. When they suffer from loneliness, draw near to them. Grant them the strength, courage and wisdom to accomplish their missions, undertaken for the good of all mankind, and instill in them the dedication and resiliency necessary to rebound from adversity whenever encountered. Lord, encourage and strengthen their families and loved ones who wait at home each day or night for the return of their "Christian Warrior". Father in Heaven bring an end to this conflict as soon as you see fit. Never let us forget that our enemies are also Son's of Adam and deserve the same compassion in Your eyes that we desire.

Eternal God, we humbly beseech You to extend Your hand of mercy to all our personnel serving from sea to shining sea, from foreign ports of call to battlefields and airbases around the world, from embassies in distant lands to bases here at home. Wherever our military men and women and our modern day centurions face the forces of evil, may they be persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor principalities, nor powers, nor angels, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any creature shall separate them from the agape love of God.

Lord, stand beside Your Christian Soldiers, Soldiers whom You have called to serve. Help them to serve with honor and integrity and compassion. Fill them with physical and moral courage, strength, skill and perseverance. Should any of them be called on to offer the ultimate sacrifice, may they be found worthy of their calling.

Dear God, there are many tasks yet that lay before them and their leaders, both political and military, and for these leaders we ask an extra measure of strength and guidance. As they pass through the uncharted waters of turmoil, assure them that You will always be with them, guiding them as they walk through the fires of temptation and trials and that through Your strength, not their own, they shall not be overcome.

Oh, Blessed, Loving, Heavenly Father I pray now that You would uphold our law enforcement and military brotherhood as they strive to serve and remain faithful to You and recognize each of them by name as they disciple and pass the torches of leadership, service and the Gospel on to generations that follow.


God Bless all those in His service,

Colonel Ray Fairman, Chaplain
Winterville (GA) PD
CWO4 USMC (Ret) Article Manager module by by George! Software.

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