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Written by Ray Fairman   
When discussing leadership I have heard too many folks say, “But that isn’t directed at me because I’m not a leader, I’m just a parent, a Sunday school Teacher, a Nursery Worker or a Deacon.

People I have some news for you, you are every bit as important a leader as those that Paul wrote this book to from his prison cell a long time ago.

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Leadership is not restrained by boundaries

If you fail to realize and act on this fact then you are ignoring the task God has ordained for you. You see no matter what you do, you are a person of influence. It has been said before that the whole world is a stage and we are all actors on it with our own part to play. Since it has also been pointed out that “No man is an island unto himself,” but everything we do has an impact on so many others just like the world admits through Jimmy Stewart in Hollywood’s “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Then it stands to reason that you will influence a number of people by the way you live and interact with them. Your actions (witness) will be their reason or excuse to embrace your displayed Christianity or reject it as bogus.

Now if you want to be a strong leader with an everlasting impact for Christ then you need to develop that leadership the same way you need to develop your relationship with your Lord and Savior, and that is from the inside out.

Man was created to lead and have dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:26, 28) and yet we sinners try and rule instead with either an “Iron Hand Philosophy” or it’s opposite “the I’m Ok you’re Ok method” which can frequently lead to ultimate destruction”

If you can be the leader that God intended for you to be on the inside, then you will change on the outside as well, and people will want to follow where you lead.

People also frequently and inappropriately overlook the Bible as a source of leadership. Nearly every book of The Bible reads like a leadership manual for life, so lets look at Colossians, as an example for a few minutes shall we?

It may seem similar in context to the book of Ephesians that’s because about 25% of the message of Ephesians is included in Colossians. In fact more than a few of Paul’s foundational building blocks are found in both books.

Paul wrote the book of Colossians in response to the heresy that was so prevalent in that particular region and time.
“False teachers” were making their way through the church in that region mixing Jewish and Hellenistic beliefs with Christian teachings and confusing the new Colossian Christians.

Paul steps in like the leader he is, not waiting for disaster to occur, and attempts to rescue the church from these cultist doctrines and restore the believers to the business of knowing God and making him known.

His “coaching” here commences with courage, which he himself exemplifies by the very nature of his taking this “Immediate action,” a term police professionals and we military veterans use to describe quick reaction training.

We need to be like Paul, the kind of leader who does not shrink back or delay in addressing a situation requiring his attention. He knows the consequences of his decision and accompanying actions will be his whether he takes 3 seconds or 3 days to make his choice.

He makes the tough call here in Colossians not to be a people pleaser because of his love for the church and is, therefore, willing to speak words of “compassionate correction” as well as encouragement because he only wants the best for Colossians.

Paul sets and lives his life by a standard of excellence far above most of us, yet he always points out that he is a sinner, as are we all. He raises the bar and never lowers it as he instructs that Jesus is a wonderful Savior, Creator and Master of every thing. This simple standard of “Do as I do and respect others needs above your own,” is what Paul calls on all of us to replicate in our own lives.

He points out though that it takes both time and effort to reach such a maturity of leadership. The development of this style of leadership, and as a result the prominent display of “Christian character”, is a process and not a singular event. Paul and I both admonish you to not become disheartened but to preserver.

My prayers are with you on your journeys, especially to those of you with whom I have shared the last 40 years as a member of the “Brotherhood of Arms.”

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