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Written by Ray Fairman   

What do I mean by playing God? Well it is something that is easier to get caught up in than you may think. As Law Enforcement Officers we are called upon, somewhat sadly, more often than people call on God Himself. When they do call on us they frequently have unrealistic expectations, which we try to meet at any cost. The trap we fall into is brought about by our successes with these expectations rather than our failures. The more times we satisfy the general public the greater their next round of expectations and the harder we work to meet these new demands. Eventually this leads some of us to believe that we can do anything.

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God is the only one, who can do anything.

When we start to get that powerful feeling, we are infringing on God’s role and forgetting our own. Our attitudes often change and we elevate ourselves to the level of judges and juries. Have you ever experienced these feelings? Do you often denigrate those you serve? How do you feel about those you arrest? Does your “Holier than Thou” attitude ever begin to display itself at home? How High a pedestal do you want to be set up on? Well before you answer that question, decide just how far you want to fall.

Have you forgotten just who you are and why God ordained you to be a peace officer? Our ministry is a ministry of service and as such it is not governed by power. It is instead driven by our servant attitude. We are here for the lost, the weak and the oppressed.

Let’s look at what our attitude should be as we answer some pertinent questions.

What should our attitude be toward the lost? What was Jonah’s attitude toward the Ninevites?

A. How often do you seek opportunities to speak with others about the gospel? Or accept the opportunities God provides?
B. What attitude do your actions portray when you speak to others about God? Never forget your life is the most prominent testimony you have.
C. Are you affected by race, nationality, wealth (or lack of), position, age or looks, the way people dress or any other inconsequential man made barriers?
D. If we are desirous of becoming Christ like (Christians), are we not to love our brother at least as much as we love ourselves? (Would you willing lay down your life for your brother, any brother, as you once took an oath to do?)
E. God chose the Nation of Israel but loved us enough to pass the gospel along to us Gentiles, so we would not be lost and charged the apostles (disciples) to pass that message to ALL nations.

Note: God didn’t put license plates on people, man did. Isn’t it about time man took them off?

Do you really love lost people? Or do they have to earn your compassion?

1. Try and recall a time when you had to battle a prejudice to accept an opportunity to speak with someone about God.

2. What did they have to do to earn your approval?

3. Why did they have to meet your approval?

4. Were you doing your work and expecting immediate gratification, reward or recognition?

5. Did you think God didn’t know what you were doing?

6. Why were you joyful or saddened when the experience was over?

7. What emotions did you experience as a result of the encounter?

8. What did God expect of you regarding this encounter?

Note: is there anyone you can think of that you would not be ecstatic about seeing in heaven? Why? Better review the bible and think again if there is.

How do we replace our selected love with God’s unrestricted love?

1. When did God first love us? Why?

2. How much did God love us?

3. How did he make that love available to us?

4. Who do you love that much? Why?

5. Is there room in that love for self-interest?

6. How can we develop that level of love?

7. Are we willing to make that much of a sacrifice for someone we don’t know?

8. Was Christ?
Note: “For while we were yet sinners, He died to save us.”

We aren’t God, so can we ever see people as God sees them?

1. We first need to give up our own yardstick and measure by His.

2. We need to remember where we came from.

3. We need to repent of our indifference, ignorance of, and inaction toward the lost.

4. Sunday worship is not a “Filling Station,” but a Missionary Base Camp.

5. Look at the lost as a field that is in need of harvesting and thank God for the abundance of opportunities to do his work.

6. Remember whose work we are doing and don’t set earthly values on work done for a spiritual purpose.

Note: If you think you can see things the way God can, you may only be a step away from the title of this lesson.

Who are we happy for when a lost soul claims their salvation?

1. You are on the right track if you didn’t answer: That person and me.

2. The thought that there will be more rejoicing in Heaven over the return of one lost soul than over ten thousand righteous souls that don’t need to repent should enlighten us as to the important mission.

3. Wisdom is reflected in the person who realizes what we do and accomplish for God is measured by God and not by man. Therefore it is a totally off base and a waste of time to try and prioritize the work we do for God by its potential for gain. Do you think you can really impress God with anything but full obedience?

4. The study of Jonah ends with the only answer possible, none. No words are necessary; actions are the only required answer. Jonah realizes that concern over anything but providing the gospel and compassion to the lost and their repentance is fraught with futility.

Note: Welcome back to the Mission Field. Things may be difficult and you may suffer some humiliation and rejection, but I doubt you’ll face crucifixion.

Key phrases or thoughts from the study of Jonah:

He ran from God. He ran to God.
He ran with God. He ran against God.

Sounds like Jonah did a lot of running.

The question is did he get anywhere?

What do you think?

Will you get anywhere?

Take time every day to talk with God and read His word. It will keep your personal perspective much clearer and help you serve God in a manner worthy of your calling, for law enforcement is truly a calling and not just a job.

God Bless you all

Captain (Chaplain)Ray Fairman
Winterville GA PD
Romans 13:4

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