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Leadership Is Where You Find It Print E-mail
Written by Ray Fairman   
When discussing leadership I have heard too many folks say, “But that isn’t directed at me because I’m not a leader, I’m just a parent, a Sunday school Teacher, a Nursery Worker or a Deacon.

People I have some news for you, you are every bit as important a leader as those that Paul wrote this book to from his prison cell a long time ago.

See what I mean by clicking Read More
Our Greatest Asset Or Our Greatest Liability? Print E-mail
Written by Ray Fairman   
A great many people think that they understand the military and law enforcement professions without ever having experienced either. Neither of these professions is ever going to make a person rich, so why would anyone want to be among the brotherhood of arms. Well I am going to take a moment to tell you why I joined the Marines back in "63". A great many of the reasons I will touch on also led me into law enforcement after my 10 years of active duty and also kept me in the USMCR for another 23 years. When it comes right down to it, I refused to retire from battle even after it became time to stop drawing a paycheck. Hence my new career as a sworn reserve police officer and a my assignment as a law enforcement chaplain who comes "armed with a Bible and a Glock."  To see how I feel about this issue, click on Read More.
My Memorial Day Thoughts Print E-mail
Written by Ray Fairman   
You know sometimes I get a bit frustrated with our country. Oh I love it all right, but it discourages me when I think about our history and freedoms and how much they really cost and then realize that we allow congress and the greeting card industry to tell us we only have one day a year to remember our deceased veterans, one day to remember our living veterans, one day to remember our mothers, one day to remember our country's birthday, one day to remember our fathers, (Many of whom fought for the freedoms we experience today) and God help us if we forget the three day Memorial day New and Used Car Sale! Enough of my ranting and raving let me get down to my message. I think I'll call it: A Week Full Of Sundays.  Click Read More to follow along.
A Prayer for All You Brothers And Sisters Of The Badge Print E-mail
Written by Ray Fairman   

This is the summary of my prayer on Law Enforcement Sunday at my home fellowship, Living Word Baptist Church in Oconee County GA on 13 May 2007

Firmus In Christo

National Police Week Prayer

Oh Blessed, Loving, Heavenly Father, Our Lord, God and Protector look kindly and with patient eyes on Your earthly force of professional and modern day centurions.

Grant them cool heads, courageous hearts, a supernatural talent for investigation and wise judgment. Make them the dreaded foe of all who would choose to break the law and the dedicated friend of all law-abiding citizens and children. May they always show kindness and concern to those who are needy and suffering and courtesies to all they encounter in their daily yet compassionate patrols. Strengthen them as they routinely face the enemies of good, unyielding criminal elements, purveyors of evil and daily battles with the same and often even greater temptations than we must face.

Lord Jesus, You know from Your own experiences here on earth with mankind's greatest adversary, Satan, that the lot of a law enforcement officer is not always an easy one or a happy one. So I beseech Thee Dear God, to bless our protectors both here at home and those who protect us abroad and endow them with that same sense of duty that you exhibited while You were here on earth, a sense of duty that so completely pleased Our Father who art in heaven. Give them Your wisdom, a wisdom that so awed the devil. Bestow upon them your strength, Your guidance, and Your inspiration.
Lord, I ask You to instill in them courage
Courage to face and conquer their own fears ...
Courage to take them where others will not go ...

I ask You to give them strength…
The physical strength of body to protect others,
and the moral strength of character they will need
to lead others ...

I ask You to give them a sense of dedication…
Dedication to their ordained and chosen profession, Dedication to do that job well, Dedication to their community, dedication to keep it safe ...

Give them, Lord, concern for those who trust them,
and compassion for those who need them...
And please, Lord, through it all, be always at their side...

When they finally lay down their badges and weapons to answer the call to join their brothers and sisters on your heavenly force, receive them with grace and forgiveness for the times they may have faltered.

When that roll call arrives, may these guardians of right be as honored serving in the heavenly realms as they were here serving the citizens of their earthly jurisdictions.

I ask this in the Holy Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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There Was A Copů Print E-mail
Written by Ray Fairman   

Can You Fill His Shoes?

A Real Badge Of Honor

There was a Cop so proud and bold,
his uniform was trimmed with gold.
He patrolled the streets both day and night,
protecting us all from crime's cruel bite

This cop always seemed so brave,
even facing those who misbehave.
He has never been alone from the very start,
for he has carried The Lord within His heart.

Before he placed someone in his cell,
Of the love of Jesus he'd always tell.
He'd tell his prisoner how he could be free,
Because his bail had been paid on Calvary's Tree.

When times were tough he allowed no fear,
For he always knew his Savior was near.
Should his life be required on a night so cold.
He knew he'd soon be patrolling on streets of gold.

Some day he'll no longer have to deal with crime,
And he'll hang up his gun for the very last time.
For the only pain in heaven's land,
Are the from the scars that are found on his Savior's hands

This cop has flourished throughout his career,
Because of the love of his Lord so dear.
Now he looks forward to his heavenly reward,
the personal meeting of him and his Lord
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How Well Do You Testify Print E-mail
Written by Ray Fairman   
We have all testified in court at one time or another. Some have even testified in front of our government's legislative bodies as I have. However, the real test of how well you testify will be evaluated in a much higher court. Click on Read More to find out how your current testimony will stand up against the scrutiny that it will surely face.
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