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A Prayer For a Weakening Nation Print E-mail
Written by Ray Fairman   

Oh God my heart is burdened with memories of a year of unrest and utter disobedience that many of us should have seen coming.You knew and You showed us in Second Timothy Chapter 3 just what we would become if we failed to remain faithful to You. But, did we listen?  No, we did not. First we took You out of our schools and then we took You out of our lives.

 We should know by now that You saw it clearly and absolutely correctly. Now we fewbut dedicated Centurions are burdened with the wounds of an entire nation as well as the pressures of our own personal struggles. I ask You Heavenly Father to continue to stand by the side of each of Your faithful Christian Warriors as they try and hold back the tides of violence, ignorance and utter destruction the evil one has unleashed on this former “One Nation Under God.”

 Please remind each and every one of them that they are loved and also beloved by their Creator and King. I am often amazed that You find us still worthy of Mercy and grace and have told us that if we as a nation will but turn from the seductive and pride-filled ways of Satan You will restore our land to the prosperity it once knew. You alone can help us return peace and eternal justice to the land that was once fkowing with milk and honey

 Remind us all that we may still find warmth and comfort in Your arms and shelter from the storms beneath the shadow of Your wings. Grant that we a small but dedicated “band of brothers” in blue, green, tan, grey or any other color uniform may stand in Your strength and wisdom and return the understanding and message of the gospel to all who truly seek the truth.

 Remind us also that we were once as lost as the multitudes at war with themselves today. Make us aware of just How far you have brought us and of how many blessings you have already showered us with in the past. Let us carry that joy, peace, longsuffering, love , mercy and grace to everyone who is in need of the truth and justice they seek, just as You have carried us thus far.

 I was poor when I found You, but now am rich in blessings, too rich in them to hoard them, so let me, and those like me share with the world just “How Great Thou Art” and with the badge upon our chest, remember the Cross upon your back… and Lead them to Calvary, where they may meet the Holy Spirit.”

 As I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, may I once more transfer the weight of the world from my shoulders, back to Your shoulders where you told me to leave it in the first place.

 In Jesus Name… Amen

History Before The Re-write Print E-mail
Written by Ray Fairman   
I was just sitting here remembering some of the things my old American Government & Politics High School Teacher taught us back in 1963 before the historical rewriting began... Mr. Jackson, you thought I was just another example of an American problem, but I fooled you, I was listening:
Here are some of my notes: (I guess this is why so many folks want to rewrite "His-Story")
Keeping your eyes on the Lord doesn’t mean you are going to have an easy walk. Print E-mail
Written by Ray Fairman   

I guess that is why God had James write his epistle and included it in the Bible.

Back in my youthful years, I did a lot of hiking, fishing and camping (No not just in the Marines, although I did a lot then as well). No, I mean for recreation. I hiked primarily in the western deserts and mountains of California and Nevada and Arizona, especially the magnificent “High Sierra’s”.

That stretch of mountains is a gorgeous masterpiece of God’s handiwork. And, I might add, a great example of the road of life that I was to follow as my life developed.

As I hiked through those mountains and forests, with their lakes and streams I tried to follow the winding switchbacks and narrow path that traversed the route I planned from wherever I started to my destination.

"How do we apply “Iron Sharpens Iron” as it is used in scripture?" Print E-mail
Written by Ray Fairman   

My Answer:

The phrase “iron sharpens iron” is found in Proverbs 27:17: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

 There is a mutual benefit in the rubbing of two iron blades together; the edges become sharper, making the knives or swords more efficient in their performing task of cutting and slicing.

 Likewise, since the Word of God is a “double-edged sword,” as Hebrews 4:12 tells us, it is with this (the scripture), that we Christians are to sharpen one another. We can and should do this every time we meet, engage in fellowship, or with any other interaction we might have. The proverb also indicates the need for constant fellowship with one another.

Written by Ray Fairman   

I think I can get a whole sermon out of my visit to God’s Armory

Do you have regrets about past or present issues or feelings?

Are you slipping back into what you know or feel are bad habits like: getting or staying

Involved with and listening to the wrong crowd, embracing frustration, sadness,

or depression? Are you Bored, or Angry, harboring hatred or animosity toward anyone?

Do you fear Job Loss, or poverty?

Who is watching your six? Print E-mail
Written by Ray Fairman   

Brothers and Sisters, these are definitely Tough Times for sure,

“But Never Fear, God still has Your Six”

 I have seen difficult times on a number of occasions in my life. Times when I really needed God to “watch my six.” Times when it seemed to me like I was surrounded by nobody but my enemies, and I must admit that without His help, I would as likely as not have endured the challenges I faced.

 We are currently in the midst of those same kinds of events in our country right now. Especially because of the Knee-Jerk emotional reactions which are being exacerbated by many politicians and the general media outlets, especially the visual and social media outlets.

 Many fantastic law enforcement officers I work, and have worked with over the decades of service I have given to the communities in which I served, are feeling about like I did when I came home from The Vietnam War.  The popular term for we returning servicemen was “Baby-Killer,” now the popular term for my other profession is “murderer.”

 Most Americans realize that neither term is applicable or true. But, they will shout it from the highest mountains now and if you live long enough, (about 40-50 years in the case of my return from Vietnam) you just might have some of the children of today protesters say “Sorry about 2020, Thank you for your service.”

 Now for those of you still wearing “Blue – or any other color with a badge pinned on it”, and wondering where God is during all of this turmoil, and looking over your shoulder at your six; I am going to show you that He is where He always is … On His throne watching your six , just as He promised.

 Let me remind you about 3 powerful examples from the Scriptures and show how God was watching someone’s six each time.

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